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Accounts Payable

We are always pleased to provide our subcontractors and suppliers with information that will help them to perform their job better. If there are items in our area that you would like to see displayed, please contact our Accounts Payable Manager.

Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)

UCOR LLC has established an Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) program for payments issued to subcontractors. EFT allows subcontractors to be paid electronically which is a more expeditious method of payment than receiving checks.

If you want to participate in the EFT program you must complete the form entitled UCOR Electronic Funds Transfer Authorization. The form is used to authorize UCOR to transfer payments electronically to the subcontractor's financial institution and to identify how remittance information will be provided.

Instructions are located on the form. The form requires completion by both the subcontractor and the subcontractor's respective financial institution and return to:

P. O. Box 4699, MS 7052
Oak Ridge, TN 37831
Attn: Treasury Services

You must complete the top portion (Supplier Information) and then forward to your financial institution and they will complete the lower portion and forward to UCOR LLC. If your Financial Institution requires additional information concerning this program they should contact Martha Cox at Sun Trust (telephone 865-544-2143).

We would like to encourage all our suppliers to participate in this program.

Please direct any questions about the EFT program to Glenda King, phone 865-241-1682.


Attention: Accounts Payable
Post Office Box 4699
K-1007  MS 7060
Oak Ridge, Tennessee 37831-7060
Subcontract No:_______________

Attention: Accounts Payable
Post Office Box 4699
K-1007 MS/7060
Oak Ridge, Tennessee 37831-XXXX*

(*XXXX = Mail Stop)

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