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Who is the Computer Helpline?

Who is the Computer HelpLine? When you place a call to the Computer HelpLine, you are actually accessing a whole network of consultants and service representatives in the field of computing. The computer HelpLine is your link to experts dealing with PC support, Computer Access Authorizations, support of various database products, the Network Management Center, etc. The HelpLine staff member makes an assessment of your computing request and then arranges for the correct consultant to speak with you immediately, if possible, or call you back. So when you receive your return call, the caller may be from any of several different computer support organizations.

Levels of Support for Subcontractors

There are two levels of support that subcontractors are eligible to receive from the UCOR Computer Helpline. They are as follows:

  1. Subcontractors that are not using UCOR computing equipment with the attached IT Label may receive helpline assistance with user ID's, passwords, and virtual private network (VPN) assistance. All other computing problems should be resolved from within their private company's technical support personnel.
  2. UCOR Authorized Subcontractors that are eligible to receive full helpline, desktop and field computer maintenance support will have the IT Label affixed to their personal computing equipment.

Provide this label number to the Helpline when calling for support of any kind.

Contact the Computer HelpLine by phone at 865-574-8000.

The Computer HelpLine is staffed with live support from 6:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Thursday.

Should difficulties arise during time when "live support" is not provided, the preferred approach is to determine if a resolution can wait until live support is available. If the conclusion is that a resolution cannot wait until live support is available, then dial 865-574-8000 and follow the telephone instruction for emergency off-shift notification.

At other times, assistance is provided by off shift Operations staff after calling 574-8000.

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