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Common Occupational Classification System (COCS)


The following information should be used to describe the job category of the subcontractor employees being reported for the Common Occupational Classification System (COCS); use the family categories. This information should also be used to describe the job category (unit) of the represented union members being reported for the "Contractor Report of Settlement Collective Bargaining Agreement Calendar" and the "Contractor Reports of Settlement Cost and Wage Benefits." Use the individual job categories in the tables below which best describe the represented members.

  1. General Managers – Occupations which include engaging in activities related to planning, scheduling, monitoring, coaching, overseeing, and evaluating the work of others; as well as person responsible for controlling and distributing resources within their organizational unit, program or project.
  2. Occupation Codes Occupational Codes Description
    M000 General Managers, Executives, First Line Supervisors, and Program/Project Managers
    M010 First Line Supervisors
    M020 General Managers and Executives
    M030 Project and Program Managers
  3. Engineers – Occupations which include applying physical laws and principles for the development and use of machines, materials, instruments, structures, processes, and services; preparation of drawings, specification, and cost estimates, and participation in verification tests. General engineers should be classified in the area where most of time is spent. Project engineers should be classified similarly except when they spend a considerable (80%) amount of their time managing, which in such cases, the persons should be classified as project managers.
  4. Occupation Codes Occupational Codes Description
    E000 Engineers
    E010 Chemical Engineers
    E020 Civil Engineers
    E030 Computer Engineers
    E040 Electrical Engineers
    E050 Environmental Engineers
    E060 Industrial Engineers
    E070 Mechanical Engineers
    E080 Nuclear Engineers
    E090 Petroleum/Mining Engineers
    E100 Plan Engineers
    E110 Quality Control Engineers
    E120 Safety Engineers
    E130 Other Engineers
  5. Scientists – Occupations which include applying scientific methods to investigate the laws of natural, physical, and social phenomena and their application to problems in such fields as engineering, medicine, production, and environment.
  6. Occupation Codes Occupational Codes Description
    S000 Scientists
    S010 Chemists
    S020 Environmental Scientists
    S030 Geologists
    S040 Life Scientists
    S050 Materials Scientists
    S060 Mathematicians
    S070 Physicists
    S080 Social Scientists
    S090 Other Scientists
  7. Professional Administrative – Occupations which include conducting activities such as providing services and professional advice; inspecting operations and facilities; and maintaining computer, communications, and financial systems. Do not include individuals working in infrastructure support or staff functions if their primary work activities make it possible to classify them into occupations in the other eight families. Do not include administrative assistants.
  8. Occupation Codes Occupational Codes Description
    P000 Professional Administrative and Related Occupations
    P010 Accountants and Auditors
    P020 Architects
    P030 Buyers, Procurement and Contracting Specialists
    P040 Communications Specialists
    P050 Compliance Inspectors
    P060 Computer Systems Analysts
    P070 Cost Estimators and Planners and Schedulers
    P080 Health Physicists
    P090 Industrial Hygienists
    P100 Lawyers
    P110 Personnel and Labor Relations Specialists
    P120 Physicians
    P130 Physician Assistants, Nurses and Other Medical Support Occupations
    P140 Safeguard and Security Specialists
    P150 Trainers
    P160 Technical Writers and Editors
    P170 Other Administrative and Professional Other Occupational
  9. General Administrative – Occupations which include providing office support services to managerial, scientific, engineering, and professional staff.
  10. Occupation Codes Occupational Codes Description
    G000 General Administrative, Secretarial and Clerical Support Staff
    G010 Administrative Assistants
    G020 Office Clerks (General)
    G030 Office Clerks (Specialized)
    G040 Secretaries
    G050 Typists and Word Processors
    G060 Other General Administrative, Secretarial and Clerical Support Staff
  11. Technicians – Occupations which involve the application of scientific, technical, or engineering principles to the solution of basic problems; the repair, maintenance, or basic operation of tools or equipment or the collection and/or basic analysis of data via field sampling and laboratory analysis.
  12. Occupation Codes Occupational Codes Description
    T000 Technicians
    T010 Computer Operators/Coders
    T020 Drafters
    T030 Engineering Technicians
    T040 Environmental Sciences Technicians
    T050 Health Physics Technicians
    T060 Industrial Safety and Health Technicians
    T070 Instrument and Control Technicians
    T080 Laboratory Technicians
    T090 Media Technicians
    T100 Survey and Mapping
    T110 Other Technicians
  13. Crafts (skilled) – Occupations which are primarily involved in constructing, destructing, altering, and maintaining buildings, bridges, pipelines, and other projects as well as involved in fabricating materials and fabricating and maintaining equipment and machinery.
  14. Occupation Codes Occupational Codes Description
    C000 Crafts
    C010 Carpenters
    C020 Electricians
    C030 Heating, Air-conditioning, and Refrigeration Mechanics (HVAC)
    C040 Machinists
    C050 Masons
    C060 Millwrights
    C070 Painters
    C080 Plumbers and Pipefitters
    C090 Structural and Metal Workers
    C100 Vehicle and Mobile Equipment Mechanics
    C110 Welders
    C120 Other Crafts
  15. Operators – Occupations which include controlling and operating vehicles, machines, systems, equipment, and plants for the purpose of producing, destroying, moving and storing materials and supplies.
  16. Occupation Codes Occupational Codes Description
    R000 Operators
    R010 Chemical System
    R020 Drillers
    R030 Material Moving Equipment Operators
    R040 Nuclear Plant Operators
    R050 Nuclear Waste Process Operators
    R060 Production Systems Operators
    R070 Utilities Operators
    R080 Other Operations
  17. Laborers and General Service Workers – Occupations which include manual labor, often heave, nd occupations which include activities to ensure that services are provided to other workers and that the site facilities are clean and safe from security and/or fire hazards.
Occupation Codes Occupational Codes Description
L000 Laborer
L010 Firefighters
L020 Food Service Workers
L030 Janitors and Cleaners
L040 Laundry Workers
L050 Handlers, Helpers, and Laborers (General)
L060 Handlers, Helpers, and Laborers (Specialized)
L070 Light Vehicle Drivers
L080 Security Guards
L090 Other Laborers and General Service Workers






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