csr.jpg (6639 bytes) Contractor Settlement Report

Important Points to Remember

  • Carefully read and follow the instructions for this report.
  • Prepare only after completion of collective bargaining unit negotiation between the Subcontractor and a bargaining unit.
  • If negotiations between the Subcontractor and a bargaining unit have not occurred or if the Subcontractor has no bargaining unit employees filling positions on the approved staffing plan, the report is not required.
  • Prepare this report upon occurrence only
  • Semi-Annual Payroll and Residence Report...
    • must be site specific (Oak Ridge, Paducah & Portsmouth reported separately, if applicable);
    • must be prepared and submitted on a Upon Occurrence basis; and
    • must be submitted to Carol Russell via email to: Carol.Russell@ettp.doe.gov or faxed to (865) 241-0214 by close of business on the appropriate due date.

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