eeo.jpg (7236 bytes) EEO-1 Report

Important Points to Remember

  • "Total Employment" figures must properly add up within each EEO Job Category. As well, "Total Employment Male" and "Total Employment Female" must be the sum of Male and Female counts, respectively, within each Racial Category.

For example:

Black males in the Officials & Managers job category through the Apprentices job category must equal the total of Black males and likewise with females.

Also, the Black females, Hispanic females, American Indian/Alaskan Native females, Asian Pacific Islander females, and Other females must equal the Total Employment females within each job category.

Remember to enter the Facility Total in the upper left corner. This figure should represent the sum of Total Employment Male + Total Employment Female.

  • "Other" Category is defined as follows: "...having origins of any of the original peoples of Europe, North Africa, or the Middle East..."
  • Caucasian employees must be counted and included in this report in the "Other" category.
  • EEO-1 Report...
    • must be site specific (Oak Ridge, Paducah & Portsmouth reported separately, if applicable);
    • must reflect a true headcount of employees filling full- and part-time positions on the approved staffing plan;
    • must be prepared and submitted on a Quarterly basis; and
    • must be submitted to Carol Russell via email to: or faxed to (865) 241-0214 by close of business on the appropriate due date.

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