Annual Payroll & Residence Information Report
Annual Payroll and Residence Information Report


Important Points to Remember
  1. County
a. Zip code
    1. City
  • Sort counties alphabetically, then, within the counties sort in order by zip code.
  • Report is compiled in two parts:
  1. Part One – headcount of full- and part-time employees filling positions on the approved staffing plan who were on payroll on the last day of the reporting period.
  2. Part Two – ACTUAL taxable compensation paid during the annual period. (Includes base/premium pay, incentive compensation, and other special pay.)
  • Helpful Scenario:
John A. Doe is hired on July 17th filling a full-time position on the Subcontractor’s approved staffing plan. On November 20th Mr. Doe voluntarily terminated to accept employment at a different company. On the Annual Payroll and Residence Report Mr. Doe would not be counted in the headcount figures due to the fact that he was not on payroll on the last day of the reporting period (December 31st). However, the actual compensation paid to Mr. Doe would be counted. This compensation would be counted within the county, zip, and city where Mr. Doe resided when he was employed. Therefore it would be possible to have compensation in a county, zip, or city and not have any employee counts in the same county, zip, or city.

  • Annual Payroll and Residence Report...
    • must be site specific (Oak Ridge, Paducah & Portsmouth reported separately, if applicable);
    • must reflect a true headcount of employees filling full- and part-time positions on the approved staffing plan under the "Total Employees" section of the report;
    • must be prepared and submitted on a Annual (CY) basis; and
    • must be submitted to Carol Russell via email to: or faxed to (865) 241-0214 by close of business on the appropriate due date.

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